Celebrating Sexuality / Exposing Religion

The Choir

The Beautiful Humans who are consistent contributors in the Pews (and our avid listeners around the world who are familiar with the tenor, philosophy, humor, spirituality and personalities of this quality podcast) are lovingly known as The Choir. This is not a membership. This is a mindset.

  • The Choir brings in the Pews different perspectives, experiences and insights from across the Terra Firma.
  • The Choir is not monolithic.
  • The Choir understands the importance of viewing sexuality in a healthy, holistic and nonjudmental fashion.
  • The Choir understands the importance of knowing religion’s historic ill effects on healthy sexuality.
  • The Choir embraces the concept that ALL people and the Creator are ONE and are equally righteous (regardless of one’s belief, behavior, national origin, sexual orientation and gender identification).
  • The Choir understands the benefits of meditating (talking about and listening to) the above spiritual reality.
  • The Choir gets the Pews’ heart and inside jokes (and you will, too, when you listen regularly).
  • The Choir is badass.