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#9 – “Overcoming Sexual Shame” w/ Kelly Elizabeth Goss

#9 - "Overcoming Sexual Shame" w/ Kelly Elizabeth Goss

The beautiful story of the professional, spiritual, emotional and sexual evolution of our special guest Kelly Elizabeth Goss is the subject of the compelling Episode #9 of Sex in the Pews.

Kelly is the owner of Kelly’s Aerial Arts and Fitness in Key West, Florida. She competes internationally in pole dancing and coaches her clients on the pole and aerial fitness. Kelly was a pastor’s kid raised as a Southern Baptist. Her father began shaming her sexually from the time she was five years old. While she has been sexually liberated for years and finally experienced “a real orgasm” (and reconciled with her folks), Kelly explains to Glenn and Owen that her upbringing still sometimes results in feelings of guilt. The guys then go into detail about how one may relieve guilt and shame and rehearsed the affirmations they use daily for “mind renewal and soul cleansing”. This is a not-to-be-missed podcast!


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