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#8 – “I Couldn’t Be My Own Son and Uncle!” w/ David C. Smalley

#8 – “I Couldn’t Be My Own Son and Uncle!” w/ David C. Smalley

This provocative #8 Episode of Sex in the Pews dovetailed a discussion of author Viktor Frankl’s description of the humor he experienced during his imprisonment at Auschwitz into a strong argument made in favor of atheism by David C. Smalley. David is a stand-up comedian and actor in Los Angeles. He has been the host of the widely popular Dogma Debate podcast for more than 7 years. A former Christian, David turned atheist and now debates preachers and believers in a respectful way on his show.

The fellas had a lively dialogue about David’s take on there being no creator with Glenn and Owen’s view that there is one. This evolved into a back-and-forth about the possibility of a fruitful, healthy monogamy as opposed to the potential value of infusing openness or freedom within a committed relationship. It ain’t going to be boring!


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