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#62 – The Flying Spaghetti Monster with Dr. Darrel Ray

#62 – The Flying Spaghetti Monster with Dr. Darrel Ray

Dr. Darrel Ray is a psychologist, author (“God and Sex” and “The God Virus”), a public speaker and atheist activist (“Recovering from Religion”). While he didn’t want to take Glenn’s “creator quiz”, we’re happy to report the good doctor did want to talk about sex a lot, something we’re always pleased to do in the Pews. This power-packed episode commences with a discussion about the importance of meditation, Owen’s need for it right before the show which led him to read aloud an excerpt from “Sacred Sexual Healing” about prayer and anal sex. The Coach explains how Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO could hold the key to peace in the Middle East. Then we learn how a twelve year old Darrel’s mother took him to the library to checked out books for him about sexuality. Then Dr. D speaks about his experience in two marriages, polyamory, how his father was traumatized by getting circumcised at the age of twelve, how Dr. John Kellogg created his cereal company to thwart masturbation and sexuality, how circumcision and female genital mutilation stemmed from the religious insanity, “Religious Trauma Syndrome”, the importance of masturbation, the origins of “The Flying Spaghetti Monster”, the political impact it had in Kansas, plus much more! This is an instant Pews Classic. And it definitely ain’t going to be boring!!!

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.  


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