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#50 – Val Meets Coco with Valerie O’Reilly

#50 – Val Meets Coco with Valerie O’Reilly

This milestone episode is the first time we had a caller in the Pews. Her name is Coco and her own appearance has yet to premier. However, she spontaneously called in while this podcast was recording. Fortunately, Owen took the call and we get to meet Coco before her “official” inaugural time in the Pews next week. Owen and Coco described a recent sexual encounter in which she squirted in a very unique way. Our scheduled guest, Valerie O’Reilly, an account executive from St. Petersburg—has not yet had that experience and had lots of questions. Coco was more than happy to answer. Prior to that, the Boys discussed an adjustment in the Sex in the Pews “lexicon”, eco-sexuality, the fellas debate our “oneness” with the Universe, Glenn offers a bet to the audience, the Coach explains his “Six Pillars for a Potentially Long Term Committed Relationship”. Then Val, who Glenn describes as having the exact same kind of personality as Owen, is welcomed from the Hitting Home Media Group Studio Green Room. You will be blessed to “Kiersty Correll” their shared energy, hear of Val’s experience at Owen’s recent birthday party and her refreshing perspective on life, sex, plus much, much more. Fifty episodes in and they just keep getting better and better and still very much not boring! 

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Tension, Language, Humor and Condemnation of Religion. 

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.


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