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#5 – “Possessed by the Devil?” w/ Michele Ashbaugh

#5 - “Possessed by the Devil?” w/ Michele Ashbaugh

This Hump Day edition of Sex in the Pews begins with Glenn and Owen reflecting on the show’s first week online, the amazing comments, “gut-wrenching”criticisms that have come in, and their desire to continue evolving the podcast to reach as many beautiful humans as possible. Then the fellas discuss their respective spiritual journeys into and out of the condemnation of religion and into freedom. They go into detail about how they view things now and why.

After listening to the guys’ opening conversation, their special guest Michele Ashbaugh said, “I totally feel very aroused by the whole conversation. And I feel like an arrow being stretched back by a bow.”

Michele Ashbaugh lives in Virginia, is an artist, nurse, and mother. Her first exposure to sex was being molested as a child. Then she lost her virginity at 12 while being raped by two boys. She says that after her first orgasm she thought she had been “possessed by the devil”.

Thankfully Michele has been delivered from her abused past and shame-based sexuality. After an 18 year marriage came to an end, (in which she had converted to Orthodox Judaism), she now lives her life as a proponent of freedom, authentically and desires to see people released to their best selves. Michele is open, honest, and sensual which led to her starting a YouTube program called “Tub Talk”. This is a must listen. It ain’t going to be boring!


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