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#48 – Owen’s Birthday Adventure with Gwen Shure

#48 – Owen’s Birthday Adventure with Gwen Shure

This is a classic Pews episode weaving deep spiritual, soul impacting truth with thought-provoking perspectives and stories of freeing healthy human sexuality. Award winning radio talk show host Coach Glenn was on his game starting with an explanation of the importance of embracing competition, defining the “affirmations” and how God went from doing wild-ass stuff like creating the universe, cooping the Israelites, parting Red Seas, ordering them to destroy entire populations, etc. while becoming a “genocidal maniac” and why, to finally coming to a place of rest and peace. Then Gwen Shure rejoins us. The conversation dovetailed into an in depth telling of Owen’s birthday celebration at a West Palm Beach bar and strip club with women (including Gwen) who Owen has been dating attending together, how he produced life and pleasure for them and everyone present, how he did it and why. To say the least, it ain’t going to be boring podcast listening.

NSFW or children. STRONG Sexual Content, Language, Humor, Story-Telling and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.



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