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#45 – Open to Openness with Tom Dixon

#45 – Open to Openness with Tom Dixon

Topically, this may be the most wide-ranging episode in Pews history. Glenn and Owen begin traversing down the podcast road with discussions about May Day, Communism, “The Father of Capitalism” Adam Smith, MADD (the Mutually Assured Destruction Doctrine from the Cold War), embracing truth which does exist in the Scriptures even with how bad religion effed them up which led to the coining of the term “Post Christianity Stress Syndrome”. Then the Boys welcomed Tom Dixon, an “Ostrich Wrangler” and an Undercover Walmart Detective from Winslow, Arizona. The fellas talked about the economic impact of the Eagles song “Take It Easy on the town, a Navajo church, the 113 year old native woman there and what she has witnessed during her lifetime. A dialogue then ensues about monogamy, Tom’s affinity for it with his fiancé, the Coach’s take on traditional sexual exclusivity, the Big O’s demonstration of “edging”, what we can learn from the movie “Casino”, plus so much more ensued. It ain’t going to be boring and well worth the trip,

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.



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