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#4 – “Sex and Freedom Can Be Messy” w/ Melissa Anderson

#4 - "Sex and Freedom Can Be Messy" w/ Melissa Anderson

Happy MLK, Jr. Day!

As we celebrate the life and legacy of freedom Dr. King’s life produced, we are reminded that freedom manifests itself in various ways. While dictatorships and slavery “work” and are the most efficient ways to get things done, democracy and liberty are always much healthier for a people and for the human soul. (There’s the obvious observation of the day!)

On today’s fresh edition of Sex in the Pews, Glenn and Owen discuss the importance and benefits of infusing openness and freedom into romantic relationships. The process of freedom can be very messy, much more chaotic than the order and control of a dictator. However, it’s still the best by far for the human soul.

Our special guest is Melissa Anderson, moderator of the Matters of the Heart Opinion Poll on Facebook. Melissa was under such restriction and control in one relationship that the guy she was just starting to see accused her of cheating when they weren’t even “a couple”. They had never slept with each other and, after she told the dude she would be dating other guys, he still accused her. The accusation was leveled after the guy knew she had gone home after leaving him. She wasn’t with another guy. Her “friend” was simply trying to control and dominate her, to make her feel guilty about something she had not even done!

Control and domination, whether it is over an entire race of people or your significant other, may be more efficient in some ways but overall is contrary to what every human heart is programmed for, freedom!

Get to know Melissa and her heart. She’s fun, playful, smart and caring.


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