Celebrating Sexuality / Exposing Religion

#35 – Sincere Desperation with Shaun Pitts

#35 - Sincere Desperation with Shaun Pitts

This rendition of “organized fun with a purpose” is just that—tons of fun. The episode begins with a discussion of some of the ways religion has impeded human sexual progress. Owen reveals he is related to Mitt Romney and Britney Spears. The whole issue of pro team sports and gay athletes is examined. Then we’re joined in the Pews by Shaun Pitts, who described his approach upon meeting his future wife as “sincere desperation.” The fellas discuss Shaun’s need for an “anchor” or monogamy versus relational openness. Lots of laughs and lightness, this is a perfect Hump Day show to help you get over the mid-week blahs and definitely not boring. 

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language and Condemnation of religion. 

A portion of all proceeds donated to help combat human sex slave trafficking.      


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