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#303 – Where True Love Is with Suzanne DeWitt Hall

#303 – Where True Love Is with Suzanne DeWitt Hall

Suzanne DeWitt Hall is the renowned author of the Where True Love Is devotional series and the Rumplepimple adventures for kids and makes a profound Pews premiere.

This wonderful episode commences with Kiersty and Glenn discussing her experience with the ionic foot bath detox machine at the Sun Bar and the validity of numerology. Then we learn of: Suzanne’s spouse’s DM’s preferred pronouns, how they met, speaking in tongues, Glenn’s struggle with “guys”, Suzanne’s cerebral process, how she describes her own sexuality, non-binary genders, how Kiersty imagines her gender, narcissistic triggering, the narcissist-in-chief, cis males competing athletically with cis females, the untapped human brain, purity culture, her devotional wiring style, plus so much more! The Post Game Show includes Louis CK and music from the O’Jays, Beatles, Doors, Roxy Music, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, and Angel Gabriel. It ain’t going to be boring.  

Powerful and poignant adult content, insight, humor and spirituality. NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.   


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