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#296 – 2nd Anniversary Show, Celebrating Psychedelics with Danielle Kingstrom

#296 – 2nd Anniversary Show, Celebrating Psychedelics with Danielle Kingstrom

It’s the 2nd Anniversary Sex in the Pews Spectacular!

We welcome back our returning champion, Erotic Embodiment Advisor Danielle Kingstrom! This second anniversary episode of “organized fun with a purpose” commences with a review of Pews’ evolution since its inception on January 14, 2019 and Big Think’s video with Michael Pollan and Sam Harris, “Psychedelics: The Scientific Renaissance of Mind-Altering Drugs”. Then we learn of: Danielle’s new personal psychedelic protocol, the possible benefit of dosing everybody’s water with LSD (just kidding or not), the drugs’ impact on her sex life and people getting free from judgment through it, comparing the effects of psychedelics and the mindfulness practice on the human brain, husband Cory as her “lightning rod”, how he responded to her pregnancy with another man, Alfred Kinsey’s quote on religion, a “Virginity Rocks” sweatshirt, Glenn’s nervousness over tripping again, the importance of a “network of trust”, using sex as a weapon, the Kingstrom’s openness to openness, why saying “my husband/my wife” may not be the most beneficial  articulation, our Coach’s predictions for soon coming events, the power of embracing one’s death, Danielle’s “Recorded Conversations”, vertical vs horizontal sex, being an “oral connoisseur”, sleeping together after sex, ego deaths, Jack Call’s “Psychedelic Christianity”, plus a sh&t ton more! It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful and poignant adult content, insight, humor and spirituality. NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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