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#275 – Nineteen and Running with Samuel Anderson

#275 - Nineteen and Running with Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson is a remarkable nineteen year who is a full time student, employee and is running for political office in Madison, Wisconsin. With election day in the US right around the corner, we wanted to simulcast this GKO episode’s “organized fun with a purpose”.
We learn: how Glenn and Samuel met in a bar at a Gary Johnson Rally in Milwaukee, of their shared love for the Chicago Cubs, why November 2, 2016 is the greatest day in our host’s life, why the young libertarian Anderson is running as a Republican but why he is not voting for Donald J. TrumP, why most Americans are actually libertarian, how the Generation Z Candidate views the future, why Da Coach thinks Trump is going to win, of their difference over support for Israel, how Sam rescues Glenn linguistically, Anderson’s major campaign issues, plus much more. It ain’t going to be boring.


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