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#266 – Poly Life with Lauren Gershon and Eliot Andre

#266 – Poly Life with Lauren Gershon and Eliot Andre

Boulder’s Connected Roots Therapists, and the Pews’ Mr. & Mrs. Polyamory, Eliot and Lauren Gershon Andre, take Kiersty and the rest of us to poly life school.

The episode commences with our foursome’s Foreplay discussion of: the meaning of “queer”, Kiersty’s ongoing birthday extravaganza, the Andres’ trip to Florida, the evolution of KC’s relationship, Eliot’s and Lauren’s respective preferences, the novelty of newness, “identity being wrapped-up around relationships”, and  “opening up from a place of security”. Then the Andres instruct Kiersty in all things poly, the pitfalls and red flags to watch-out for, being a “unicorn”, how “sharing” is ownership, jealously within the lifestyle, Eliot’s emotional intelligence, empathy, and his best threesome, Tel Aviv University’s fight song, double penetration, Kiersty’s luggage and fu@k bucket, Nelg’s new tattoo, the Andres’ genitalia nicknames, confidence, authenticity, plus so much more! The Post Game Show includes music from Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga, Cyndi Lauper, the Kinks and Angel Gabriel. It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful and poignant adult content, insight, humor and spirituality. NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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