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#261 – Wholeness thru Hypnosis with Debbie Lane

#261 – Wholeness thru Hypnosis with Debbie Lane

World renowned Hypnotherapist Debbie Lane has helped lead untold beautiful humans to wholeness through many challenges. Now it’s Your Friendly Neighborhood Podcast Host’s turn LIVE in the Pews.

WARNING – Please do not listen to this podcast while driving when the actual hypnotherapy begins.

This life-changing episode commences with Glenn rehearsing his eighteen year history of smoking and why he started using tobacco at 42 years old.  Then we learn: why a teenage Debbie moved from New Jersey to Florida, how she decided to go into hypnotherapy, how she helped a young woman who couldn’t orgasm while awake, the story of how her practice went viral, Glenn’s previous experience with hypnosis as a boy, how hypnosis works, the power of words, and the importance of knowing how to articulate “loss”. Then Debbie prepares Glenn for the smoking cessation therapy as: Glenn reads and signs a contract, articulates his last and favorite cigarette of the day, reveals his favorite color and how it plays into to the experience, what to do with that “shadowy feeling”, replacing with positive habits including “havening”, “aforemations” in “God’s own phone booth”—all this before Debbie leads Glenn through the hypnosis right here in the Pews. He comes out of the experience “a clean-air-breather”. It ain’t going to be boring.       

Powerful and poignant adult content, insight, humor and spirituality. NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation


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