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#25 – Engaged to a Man and Attracted to Women with Kiersty Correll

#25 – Engaged to a Man and Attracted to Women with Kiersty Correll

The Sex in the Pews Family first learned of Kiersty Correll a few weeks ago when she wrote the show. In her letter, Kiersty said that “Sex in the Pews saved me from a life of sexual suppression”. You see, Kiersty had been suppressing her attraction to the same sex because of family and society disapproval. After coming in the Pews, she embraced the freedom which was already hers; she just hadn’t yet come to the realization that she was already free to follow her heart. Now, in Episode #25, meet this incredible freed young woman, musician and intellectual. Even though Kiersty is more attracted to women, she is engaged to Derek—“a true dick”, according to his fiancé. (As an aside, it’s awesome Kiersty has embraced the concept of a “dick” being a man who brings life and pleasure and other Pews’ catch phrases). This amazing couple is now dedicated to providing memorable sexual experiences for beautiful female humans. Demonstrating this, Kiersty teaches us on the podcast an effective love making technique she discovered. It ain’t going to be boring. 

Strong Sexual Content and Condemnation of Religion. NSFW or children. 

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.   


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