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#242 – I’m Out with Eric Eaton

#242 - I'm Out with Eric Eaton

RN, model and one of Glenn’s “boys”, Eric Eaton makes an amazing in person return in the Pews.

The episode commences with: Eric walking into the wrong door on his way into the studio, explaining his training diet of grass fed ground beef, grits and rice, Jacob calling in after a major purchase, E says how nervous he was to receive the admonition he knew was coming, his introduction to “Spike”, rating his best heterosexual experiences, and the progress of his comfort with being a gay man. Then Glenn and EZ discuss a “Dick Measuring Contest” Nelg had, mindfulness practice, E’s kinks (which literally comes up later in the show), his professional challenges as a nurse with COVID, his time at Marine Boot Camp, Jacob’s and Eric’s masks’ stories, virtual signaling, the threesomes’ shared love of Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey, why E stopped shaving his body hair, his pattern of pulling out of things hence his self-described “Mr. Runaway”, the Coach’s analysis of why Eric may keep repeating it, then his kink comes into focus, Glenn’s response is dissected, the power of vulnerability, authenticity and bukkake. Plus, so much more! The Post Game Show includes music from “Oklahoma”. It ain’t going to be boring.

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