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#241 – Facing Life Fearless AND Feminine with Ash Hall

#241 – Facing Life Fearless AND Feminine with Ash Hall

“Trying to be a man, is a waste of woman.” Just one of the many powerful statements our returning champion and founder of Fearless.Feminine, Seattle’s Ash Hall makes in an amazing return in the Pews.

The episode commences with Glenn and Angel talking about why our Chief Engineer’s homecoming includes less pants, the psychological impact of teeth, Tyra Banks’ “smize”, and the Gabriel Music’s cover of “Tennessee Whisky”. (And that was just in the Foreplay.) Then we learn: of Ash’s last actual attended concert (Garth Brooks), what Millennial’s playlists reveal, changing team’s mascot names, about the ginormous side of her family, of her five brothers, what is inside every woman desiring to come out, being childlike vs childish, women’s victim mentality, dominating vs domineering, men who are in control but are not controlling, what happens when “the man wins”, “sh%t tests and quality assurance”, not settling, her response to her hometown’s recent challenges, respect for former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, not-so-much for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the revealing of people’s imbalance, women having it “all”, practicing the feminine muscle, why she likes that things have not returned to normalcy, Seattle’s new NHL team, plus a ton more! The Postgame includes  a bit from Louis CK and music from Chris Stapleton and Frank Sinatra. It ain’t going to be boring.

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