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#234 – Why Women Come First with Kiersty Correll

#234 – Why Women Come First with Kiersty Correll

Kiersty Correll, Ohio Musician and Executive Administrator of Life and Pleasure Communications, LLC, joins the CEO for one wing ding of a time in the Pews.

This fun and informative episode commences with Glenn and Kiersty discussing Canada’s August Civic Holiday, possible holidays for the USA in August, National Orgasm Day, why people send their sex memes to us, Kiersty’s new occupation, why Glenn doesn’t believe in coincidences or God but knows them, Kiersty’s aunt spiritualizing a deer sighting, and the “religious wack-job continuum”. The Coach utters a prayer that has never been prayed by anyone else, honors famous athletes throughout history who did not stop competing due to concern over their personal safety, rehearses his involvement as a University Research Assistant on a groundbreaking study on the effect of pornography,and why sex education shouldn’t be so clinical. “KC” evaluates “Nelg” as a co-worker. The conversation continues with topics including: the societal pendulum swing of women, women “having it all”, why women get burned-out, the timeliness difference between male and female orgasm, what would happen if men had clitorises, the “fairy-tale-like” stories of the Bible, how life and pleasure ensues, why women should come first, why size does not really matter, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful and poignant adult content, insight, humor and spirituality. NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.



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