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#233 – LGBTQ and Religion with Too Many Podcasters

#233 – LGBTQ and Religion with Too Many Podcasters

Recently Glenn was asked to participate in a discussion about issues within the LGBTQ Community. We know the Choir and all the Beautiful Humans in the Pews will benefit by hearing it. So, we creatively acquired for you all.

This special episode commences with everyone introducing themselves. Clearwater, Florida’s PK Langley is a pastor, author, speaker, and a mental health professional and is married to her longtime best friend Ashley.  St. Louis’ Seth Showalter is a corporate clinical trainer and came out about a year and a half ago. Phoenix’s Derrick Day is an author, speaker, podcaster and executive director of a global software consultancy. Karl Forehand is an instigator, author and podcast host. Laura Forehand is a second grade teacher and hosts a podcast, too. We learn about: the fascinating history of all these amazing panelists, Glenn’s friend Michael who was the first person ever over 40 years ago to publicly proclaim he was a homosexual but that God had delivered him, the disagreement some had with Glenn about gay rights beings the seminal issue for Christianity and the apostle Paul’s role in all of it, plus so much more. It ain’t going to be boring.

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