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#215 – I AM ALS with Brian Andre

#215 - I AM ALS with Brian Andre

A SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY EPISODE and Pews simulcast with the Glenn Klein Online Podcast because of the important nature of this important topic and guest.

Chicago businessman Brian Andre makes his inaugural appearance Online to talk about his life with “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”, ALS.

This special Father’s Day episode commences with Glenn discussing his experience as a father, husband and summer camp owner with his former wife Dawn. Then Brian, who went to Camp Menominee as a boy with Glenn, discusses his family, including his second son Eliot (a major player in our podcast power rotation) who Brian says is “probably the most empathetic person I know”, about how he discovered he had contracted ALS, the nationwide tour he and his wife Lori went on meeting with the leading neurologists treating ALS around the country, what he has learned about ALS including the disproportionate cases among former NFL players and Military Veterans, about his involvement with the I AM ALS organization, about author Mitch Albom’s bestseller “Tuesday’s with Morrie”, their shared love of the Chicago Cubs, plus much more! It ain’t going to be boring.


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