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#204 – Stop Sex Slave Trafficking with Kara Thompson and Selah Freedom

#204 – Stop Sex Slave Trafficking with Kara Thompson and Selah Freedom

Our Special Guest is Chicago’s Kara Thompson, Midwest Prevention Coordinator with Selah Freedom, a national organization fighting to bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking.

The episode, originating from the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios, commences with Glenn reminding us of the two charitable arms of Sex in the Pews: combating human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation, why they have so much in common and why 9/11 may have been caused by the latter. Kara explains how she became interested in sex slave trafficking as a fourteen year old, what being “sextorted” is all about, how to get people to pay attention to this most crucial cause in the middle of the COVID era, what young people and parents should be aware of, the history and progress of Selah Freedom, about their “Sex, Lies and Media” Prevention Training, and how parents sometimes respond when being confronted with the possibility their child interacts online. Coach Glenn shares about the “sex slave corridor” between Orlando and Tampa, his family’s brush with the issue, how one may relate to a predator and how to find one’s compassion in the midst of this tragedy, plus much more.

Even with today’s show covering such a serious topic, it is still “organized fun with a purpose” and ain’t going to be boring.  Powerful and poignant adult content. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.  


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