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#202 – Defend the Least of These with Susan Cottrell

#202 – Defend the Least of These with Susan Cottrell

As we continue celebrating the milestone of 200 episodes and welcoming back some of the major members of the power rotation, Susan Cottrell (renowned Ted-X Speaker and Co-Founder of,) makes her victorious return in the Pews at the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios.

It all commences with Susan rehearsing her and husband Robert’s story of how FreedHearts began when they had to make a choice between their queer daughter and their church. Then a fascinating discussion ensues which includes: why some parents may choose their religion over their children (perhaps because as Susan says “they’re afraid to lose their tribe”), Glenn’s story of being abused at summer camp and Susan’s suggestion for him and others when considering confronting their assailants, Christianity’s misunderstanding of the Bible, God and the Gospel, why not protecting your home and child from an institution is “reprehensible”, about the importance of “following the money”, why religion is a form of mental illness, the lesson her daughter learned while being continually yelled at on her job, how she invites members of the LGBTQ community to respond when being disrespected, the future of Beloved Weekends and FreedHearts, plus so much more! The Coach’s “Postgame Wrap-Up Show” includes music from Lady Gaga.  It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful and poignant adult content, spirituality, insight, and humor.  A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.  


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