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#201 – COVIDLAND USA with Dr. Cass Ingram

#201 - COVIDLAND USA with Dr. Cass Ingram

This is a special release of a simulcast of Glenn Klein Online because the information is so vitally important and potentially life saving. Welcome back online Dr. Cass Ingram to see how things how things are going as he travels to the hotspots in “COVIDLAND USA” in the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios.

The episode commences with Dr. Ingram explaining how well things have been going as he works with “a strong mind and strong immune system”, having been exposed to hundreds of people around the country since this all started, including all the employees at North American Herb and Spice in the Chicago area and speaking directly with groups being impacted by the virus. Glenn rehearses why people think he is a paid spokesman for NAHS and what he has done preventatively for his family. Dr. Ingram describes some recent case studies he has experienced personally on the “front lines”. Find out why he says, “When it (the raw oregano oil extract) is much better than hydroxychloroquine, erythromycin and no comparison to zinc and vitamin C, you have to take notice.”

It ain’t going to be boring.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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