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#200 – Episode 200! with Major Members of the Pews Power Rotation

#200 – Episode 200! with Major Members of the Pews Power Rotation

Glenn and Tauny welcome back many members of the power rotation to celebrate our 200th episode in the Pews at Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios!

It all commences with Glenn and Tauny discussing their respective college experiences and Nelg’s seventies’ “pornstache”. Cory Abbondandolo rehearses his first time coming on the show, making love in the Pews and if would he do it again. Alicia Lopez reminds us of what drew her to the quality podcast and the story of  Tauny deep-throating a wine bottle at a Pure Romance party. Co-Founder Owen Rivers joins us from Nashville and engages in conversation about how the reaction to the pandemic may actually portend a positive future for humanity, what his plans are for a future Hitting Home Media Masterminds Retreat and about a recent discussion he had with a Muslim woman about female genital mutilation. Kiersty Correll learns what “spank bank” means, reveals her shared penchant with Tauny for “chicks with dicks” and new plans for returning to Florida with Derek Black. Our official photographer Alex Erv rehearses his life changing experience at last year’s Masterminds Retreat, how he discovered he was polyamorous, and his photo/video shoot with Kiersty and Derek. Mr. Polyamory Eliot Andre introduces us to his wife Lauren Gershon Andre who makes her Pews premier. Then he proclaims how the Pews is “the safest place I’ve had to express myself in the last five years”. Finally, we take a deep dive with the proprietor of Jingleheimer Schmidt Pharms and the sponsor of our “green room” Jacob Klein about his interaction with Tauny’s Facebook page, about the #MeToo Movement and the ineffectiveness of blaming an entire group of people for past atrocities of said group. Plus a ton more “organized fun with a purpose.” It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful and poignant strong adult content, insight, humor and reminiscing. NSFW or children.  A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.  


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