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#20 – What a Long Strange Trip It Was

#20 - What a Long Strange Trip It Was

We cannot be more thankful for our listeners, friends, and family for all the support and kindness (and how everything turned out) during the time the show was out of production. We said it was due to “an illness in the family” and it was. Owen was sick. Very sick. By way of this encapsulation, allow us to say it was potentially life threatening and fraught with many obstacles which needed to be hurdled. All those were overcome bringing us to this moment of the telling of the story. On this side of of what was truly a crisis, you will learn what happened, what was learned, and how we move forward. Dena Lynn joins Owen and Glenn to discuss what indeed turned into “a long, strange trip”. It ain’t going to be boring. 

NSFW or children. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.          


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