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#193 – Pure Coincidence with Alicia Lopez and Amanda David

#193 – Pure Coincidence with Alicia Lopez and Amanda David

We welcome Florida based Pure Romance Director Amanda David, a colleague of Alicia’s, coincidentally into the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios.

This fun-filled, informative and inspirational episode commences with Alicia asking Glenn if he believes in coincidences which leads into a profound discussion about an accurate spiritual perspective and the difference between believing in and knowing God. The Coach compares what we’re going through to birth, religionists and environmentalists, their respective “end times” scenarios and he reports the wonderful news that Sudan has finally made female genital mutilation illegal. Amanda enters the Pews for the first time with an explanation of the four “ations” of anal play, how she learned about Pure Romance, how the shutdown has impacted her business, about her Pentecostal background and how it may have played a role in her discussion with her daughter about sex. Glenn offers some help, tells about the book on female orgasm he used to buy for his girlfriends, future wife and his daughters, his understanding of speaking in tongues and why jealousy is like a cancer. Alicia rehearses how she realized she has never been with a “man”, why men are intimidated by women comfortable with their own masculine energy, how a true man would support a powerful woman, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.

Powerful, humorous, spiritual adult content. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.   


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