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#183 – On the High Plane with Eliot Andre

#183 – On the High Plane with Eliot Andre

Major member of the power rotation and co-founder of Connected Roots Therapy in Colorado Eliot Andre returns to the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Studios with aplomb.

This remarkable episode commences with Glenn talking about ways to traverse this moment we find ourselves in, what the “spiritual rights movement” is all about and the importance of thinking logically and rationally especially at times like these. The Coach introduces, and explains why he is playing, a monologue from Tucker Carlson. We’ll hear Eliot’s response to that, how his clients are reacting to the current crisis, the need to be open to vital information regardless of its origin, why some people won’t consider other’s viewpoints, the stress of losing employment vs losing a close friend, money as a motivator, the two sides of the personality coin, why regular “brain poops” are so crucial, why our parents potty trained us, if you can’t laugh now when can you laugh and how there was humor even at Auschwitz. We learn how Eliot got his positive outlook, the transformational travel he experienced including a near death illness in India, how he was before and is now, the emotional story of how he began the process of getting off the “com-plain” and getting on the “high plane”, of the various ways to return to your true identity, how long it took Eliot to start flying on the high plane, of Eliot’s “ALS Warrior” Dad Brian’s progress, about dealing with guilt as a motivator, how you have to actually do the affirmations for them to be effective, plus an amazing amount more (believe it not)!

Adult and Challenging Content.  A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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