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#180 – On the Front Lines with Dr. Steve Arkin

#180 – On the Front Lines with Dr. Steve Arkin

Neurologist Dr. Steve Arkin makes this phenomenal return to the Alicia Lopez Pure Romance Sex in the Pews Studios from the hospital where he practices at in Dayton, Ohio.

This special results-oriented episode commences with Glenn announcing the birth of his granddaughter Caroline Ileene Klein and why the podcast as adjusted its format for the time being. Then Dr. Arkin explains how he is faring through all this, why the Coronavirus is unique, the three phases the illness takes, how flu shots work, how additional stress lowers the strength of immune systems, the importance of understanding the virus especially for those most susceptible to it, why “people really don’t die of the virus—they die of the body’s reaction to the virus” and why social distancing is being stressed. The guys suggest what could be done in a more holistic way even now and what would have been a more effective approach from the onset of the pandemic. The Coach describes why staying away from the news and social media would be a good idea right now, asks the beautiful humans if they would be willing to stay home forever if it meant saving lives, discusses the death rate in Italy, the power of embracing the inevitable and actual truths. Dr. Steve rehearses why he and his wife Karen co-founded in honor and memory of their son Jason, the importance of reaching out and keeping the line of communication open with people suffering from mental illness especially now, plus so much more.

It definitely ain’t going to be boring and could save lives!

Adult, Language, Humor, Insight, Rational and Logical Thought

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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