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#172 – Anal Sex Play, The Sarrah Rose Story

#172 - Anal Sex Play, The Sarrah Rose Story

Sex and The Sarrah Rose Story continues with this episode dedicated to anal sex pleasure with Benjamin Jay of Odile Toys. It all begins with a discussion of why so many men desire anal sex and Glenn’s reasoning behind it (pun intended). Benjamin explains how his toy works, the importance of anal preparation, stretching and safety and how he became interested and expert in anal play. Sarrah relates her experience of promoting his product, concerns which are raised, why some people shy away from anal sex and the difference for her between vaginal and anal penetration. Storytime with Sarrah reveals her first experience with anal, how things have progressed since and her and Case Erickson’s “four elements of great sex”. The “Ask Professor Sarrah Mailbag” segment delves into double penetration and why the Professor became wet on the show. Plus, so much more!

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for men and women who desire healthy and holistic sex lives.              



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