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#17 – Two Guys Shared Me with Gabriella Lea

#17 - Two Guys Shared Me with Gabriella Lea

“That was a huge position of power for you, wasn’t it?” Glenn asked after it was revealed she was “shared” by two guy best friends. She responded, “Everything was empowering, emotionally, sexually, financially—all of that. We were all happy.” In Episode #17 of Sex in the Pews we meet a professional hula hoop performance artist who is studying to become an aquatic marine veterinarian. Her confidence and articulation of freedom is absolutely inspiring. The show starts with Owen describing the reasons he desires to be a rock star which eventually dovetails into a conversation about her experiences in the music festival community at events like Burning Man. A self-professed atheist, she discovers from Glenn why even good athiests think there is a creator. This podcast ain’t going to be boring and just may change a life!            


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