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#146 – One Year Anniversary Special with Owen Rivers

#146 – One Year Anniversary Special with Owen Rivers

After nearly 20,000 downloads and over 240,000 clicks on the show’s site, we celebrate our one year anniversary as co-creator Owen Rivers makes his triumphant return in the Pews.

The episode commences with the playing of “Hail to Chief” to welcome back Owen and then Glenn rehearses how and why he used the song while rearing his six children. We learn why Owen joined Tik Tok to benefit his modeling career, why he hesitated being sexually open, how changing attitudes about sex is akin to the process of society’s evolved views on race relations, how Owen transitioned from a sexually stifling religion to openness, the current state of his love life, what he’s learned about monogamy and polyamory, his recent experiences with Tony Robbins, his and Alex Erv’s “circumcision challenge”, the guys’ biggest take away from the first year of  Sex in the Pews, plus so much more! It definitely ain’t going to be boring.

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor, Insight and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.       


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