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#133 – Full Bodied Sexual Energy, The Sarrah Rose Story

#133 – Full Bodied Sexual Energy, The Sarrah Rose Story

We are so excited to announce the affiliation between Sex in the Pews and The Sarrah Rose Story!

Sarrah Rose is a world renowned Men’s Sex Coach, Founder of Tantric Activation and has been a frequent guest in the Pews. The Sarrah Rose Story begins her own podcast journey with Sex in the Pews Founder Glenn Klein in the role of emcee along for the ride!

In addition to each week’s Sex in the Pews podcasts uploads, The Sarrah Rose Story will also be shared on the various platforms of the Pews!

So get ready. More sexual freedom and information will be coming to a device near you each week!

The Sarrah Rose Story – Episode 1

The inaugural episode brings to the podcast world the expertise, insights and passion of Men’s Sex Coach and the Founder of Tantric Activation, Sarrah Rose.

We learn of Sarrah’s own story on how she evolved from a conservative religious up-bringing to a practitioner of yoga, tantric and men’s sex coach. The show’s emcee Glenn Klein, host of the Sex in the Pews podcast is introduced. The programs Sarrah offers (Man on Fire, Pussyology and Sex Stallion Training—“the perfect holiday gift for guys”) are discussed. Questions are addressed regarding premature ejaculation, full-body orgasms, inability to ejaculate plus so much more.

Adult content. NSFW or children. Totally suitable for guys who want to become Sex Stallions!


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