Celebrating Sexuality / Exposing Religion

#13 – “The Male – Female Difference” w/ Dena Lynn

#13 - "The Male - Female Difference" w/ Dena Lynn

Sex in the Pews’ second month commences with lucky Episode #13!. Owen reads his Christian friend’s response to the invitation to be on the show and have his concerns addressed personally. The theme of the difference sexually between men and women weaves its way throughout the entire program. ”The Hussey from Hell” Dena Lynn telling us why her ex-church calls her that. Glenn wonders why smart people are drawn into cultish religions. Owen recommends an experience and relates a story of how he provided great physical pleasure to a partner who was experiencing psychedelic hallucinations. Dena insists on putting the u back in masturbate, discusses the difference between male and female fantasies and defines “snortgasm”. Lots of laughs, information and inspiration in this one!          


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