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#126 – The Fearless Feminine with Coach Ash

#126 – The Fearless Feminine with Coach Ash

Ash is a Seattle based Women’s Coach, a Certified Life Coach, NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and the founder of Fearless Feminine.

This power-packed episode starts with Glenn bringing some excellent coaching nuggets and information regarding the actual definition of certain words which have historically been mistranslated and abused by Christianity. The life and death of President John F. Kennedy on the anniversary of his assassination, a revelation of JFK’s assault of his friend, Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee’s wife Tony, the difference between how we view Kennedy as opposed to modern day “powerful” men’s behavior toward women like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein and Prince Edward, and why he considers females the “superior” gender are examined. Ash pushes back a bit on that and begins encouraging women to take responsibility and “grow the f#$k up”! She teaches us about the difference between first wave versus second wave feminism, her views of the #MeToo” movement, and why as a strong, powerful professional woman her current partner reaches her on such a profound level and has “ruined” her  The Coaching Colleagues engage in a phenomenal give-and-take about the male-female dynamic flow, how it’s time for men to evolve from a “Neanderthal” status as women have, what woman can do to stop emasculating men and step into their true power. It ain’t going to be boring!

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor, Insight and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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