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#12 – “Follow Your Heart” w/ Michele Ashbaugh

#12 – “Follow Your Heart” w/ Michele Ashbaugh

The TGIF Episode #12 of Sex in the Pews commences with Owen’s spot-on impression of the Coach. Then “The Big O” tells about and reads a condemning text from a concerned friend from his Christian past. After the boys breakdown the criticism line by line and add context to where they are coming from spiritually, the amazing Michele Ashbaugh rejoins them in the Pews. “What you guys are doing is really beautiful,” exclaims Michele. This provocative conversation weaves it way through incredible topics including: the importance of following one’s heart, being consistent with that perspective even when someone does something you may not do or does it in a way you wouldn’t, what is happening when a person’s “creep alarm” goes off and what to do about it. This show is a perfect way to start and enjoy your weekend or any time period. Please share with your friends, rate us with those fives and subscribe. NFSW. Not for children. A portion of all proceeds are donated to help combat human sex slave trafficking.  


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