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#11 – “Pray the Gay Away and a Rapture List” w/ Kathy Taylor

#11 – “Pray the Gay Away and a Rapture List” w/ Kathy Taylor

Of all the Sex in the Pews uploaded so far, Episode #11 may make the most effective and profound case heretofore against Christianity. Glenn speaks about how so much of life is about control, why this is true, how certain personality types are drawn to professions which lend themselves to controlling others, and which spiritual perspective releases humans to their birthright of freedom. Special guest Kathy Taylor, the founder of the Red Door Bar Church in Wisconsin, (which gained national attention with her “Come As You Are” approach), tells how she gained her own freedom after a childhood of almost daily molestation, the bondage of religion and how she responded to an affair. Kathy also describes why she had a “rapture list”. Owen talks about the origins and “founder” of the “Pray Away the Gay” movement. If you have been abused by religion, know a gay person being pressured to “change” or know someone who has been burned by religion in any way, this is a must listen and share.


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