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#107 – Lovers Around the World with Sarrah Rose

#107 – Lovers Around the World with Sarrah Rose

She is a Certified Sex Coach specializing in men’s sexuality and now Sarrah Rose rejoins us in the Pews for another amazing episode.

The show commences with Glenn and Owen explaining why they have chosen to release original content just on Wednesdays and Fridays. Then Sarrah tells us about “the dominant” she is having very satisfying sex without penis insertion. Effective cunnilingus technique is discussed as are Sarrah’s lovers around the world who she views as the “constellations of stars in the sky”. We learn of her near death experience and how that helped her out of religion. Plus, Sarrah clues us into her approach to coaching men by “showing them who they really are”. We get a preview of Sarrah’s coaching on “tantric masturbation”, her “Sex Stallion” Training, “Man on Fire” Video Series and so much more! It definitely ain’t going to be boring!!!

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor, Insight and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


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