Celebrating Sexuality / Exposing Religion

#10 – “I’m a Jerk. YOU Must Be a Real Jerk!” w/ Dena Lynn

#10 – “I’m a Jerk. YOU Must Be a Real Jerk!” w/ Dena Lynn

The amount of information, inspiration, and hilarity which ensues on this incredible #10 Episode of Sex in the Pews commences with Owen opening up in a major vulnerable way about a past sexual encounter. Then among many other topics discussed, Glenn goes into detail about why “self-loathers” treat those who are best to them the worst. (Hence, the title of this show). When Dena Lynn joined in, then things really got going with her stories of being proposed to by her now husband Robin while she was sitting on the toilet, her “eight towel” public experience with Robin watching, her “ayahuasca trip” to Poland, which led to Owen’s profound spiritual understanding which has been enhanced by some of his hallucination moments. This one should not be missed!


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